Testimonials from athletes

athlete testimonials for Magnesium Cafe

Testimony of Kelly Stegen:

Testimony of Kelly Stegen

“So excited to receive my order from Magnesium Cafe mag 2.

This is an incredible product.

I would just like to confirm that the Mag2 is very effective, I’m so grateful for how much this is working for me.”

Testimony of Tashwell Adams:

Testimony of Tashwell Adams

“To my amazement, it is absolutely true, #Mag2 takes away temporary muscle, bone and skin pain. It taste good, too.

Due to the overall feeling of wellbeing that I have witnessed since I started taking #Mag2 at 1-2 daily servings. I feel amazing every day, brimming with energy, being very productive and capable of doing a whole lot many more things than ever before.

Thank you Magnesium Cafe for creating such a wholesome product.”

Testimony of Marissa Swanepoel:

Testimony of Marissa Swanepoel

“This AMAZING product helps me with my hard endurance sessions, concentration and gives me the energy I need! It definitely helps me a lot with training and I don’t know what I’ll do without it! Absolutely LOVE IT!!! Thank you Magnesium Café”

Testimony of Niezaam Jedaar:

Testimony of Niezaam Jedaar

“Since I started using Magnesium Cafe, I have noticed a big improvement in my system as a whole, both mentally and physically. My running and recovery after a run improved tremendously. Runs which used to be my medium effort runs now feel easy. My general mood improved and I deal better with stress-related incidents after I started using Magnesium Café. I would definitely recommend this product.”

Testimony of Shakeel Davids:

Testimony of Shakeel Davids

“I’m really grateful for using Magnesium because it always gives me that extra boost for the day, off and on the field. I don’t regret using this product. Thanks Tahriq Welcome and my coach PJ for recommending this product to me.”

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