Client testimonials: low energy

Client testimonials low energy

Testimony of Juan Burger

“I am an entrepreneur and that requires long hours daily. That started taking its toll on my health and was feeling tired at night. To such an extend that precious time with my family was getting more and more limited! To top it all I have arthritis and was in all lot of pain at night, especially after a long physical day. Then Benita introduced me to MAGNESIUM and explained the benefits of Mag 2. So I started using it since thought I had nothing to lose. I could honestly feel the difference in the 3rd day already! I had more energy, slept better at night and even started gaining weight (considering I was a bit too skinny, it’s a good thing) I believe this is an amazing product!”

Testimonial of Andrea:

“I used to be an avid runner and mountain goat and after a long break I tried for years to get back into training but I always crashed after about 14 days or so and experienced major headaches, body pains and extreme fatigue. I was devastated to be finally be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it meant I had to give up what I so loved.
When I came across Magnesium cafe I was skeptical, having tried many things that could supposedly help with the constant overwhelming pain all over my body and sharp flare ups.
The result wasn’t instant but over the past 5 months of taking it daily I have realized that I have not had a flare up. My energy levels have I creased and my sleep is more rejuvenating. I started walking in the mountain again. I now find myself trying to run every so often for a few meters and have not experienced any of the side effects or crashing in the days to follow.
My Fibro is not cured but I am able to do so much more without fear of total fatigue, debilitating skinpain or violent flare ups.
I believe Mag 2 was/is the catalyst that helps my body rebuild a healthy balance and maintain better during times of physical stress and the normal life stresses that were too overwhelming before.
Thank You Magnesium Cafe.”

Testimony of Aneleh Smith:

Testimony of Aneleh Smith

“After pregnancy, I had challenges with my legs aching. Whenever I sat for long periods at a time, getting up would be challenging and I would literally have to walk slowly just to get my legs to operate properly. I had low energy levels and I thought it’s probably just because I am breastfeeding and have sleep deprivation looking after a new-born. I started using Mag1 daily and within a week I felt a MAJOR difference in my body. My leg ache stopped and I had A LOT more energy! I would DEFINITELY recommend Magnesium Café to everyone.”

Testimonial of Marie Niemann:

Testimony of Marie Niemann

“My testimony is somewhat long but I’ll try to shorten it up a bit. Just over a year and a half ago, I’ve been through a terrible experience that damaged me both mentally and physically. My body did not function properly I was terribly underweight, my body was constantly aching, I was losing weight daily but couldn’t gain no matter what I did. I couldn’t sleep at night; I had no energy or strength in my body at all. I had regular blackouts and would find myself waking up on the floor. Mentally I was completely broken. I had almost reached the point of death, but Praise be to God I’m here today! It was around that time that I started taking Magnesium. It is something my mother forced down my throat every morning. It took me about a week after taking it to realize that I had not had a blackout since the first day I started taking it. I slept well every night, my energy levels started to rise, and I could get myself to start training every day. After a month I had started gaining weight and the life slowly started coming back into my body. I have gained over 10kg in the past year. Not only that but my mental health improved even faster than my physical body. This is a very short version of the major effect Magnesium has had on my health and overall well-being. I urge you today If you have any form of suffering with your health, physical or mental, or know of a loved one who is suffering, please get in touch with us! Your health DOES matter to us!”

Testimony of Minette Cloete:

Testimony of Minette Cloete

“Being a hairstylist is a very tiresome job. Physically and emotionally. Standing on your feet the whole day and entertaining your clients. I‘ve suffered from fatigue and anxiety almost my whole life.

Drinking almost everything and anything that ‘might’ be a quick fix. Energy drinks were my second oxygen. I actually accepted the fact that this is how I’m going to feel for the rest of my life. I’ve gotten to a point where my anxiety was so bad, I could barely open my mouth in the morning from biting down on my teeth while sleeping. I also got recent news that I’m insulin resistant and it would be very difficult to lose weight no matter what I try. I felt like a lost cause. Then I met these incredible people Benita en Mari Niemann, totally unrelated we got on the Magnesium subject. She gave me a bottle to try, and sceptical I took it, thinking just another pill or substance to try and fail. 3 days later I started to feel huge changes. My energy level was at a point I didn’t stop talking. I felt so calm and relaxed. The feeling of being rushed was gone. I slept like a baby and I was not biting down on my teeth anymore, and best of all, I started losing weight!! 5kg in total.

My bottle was done and not thinking too much of it, two days after stop drinking it, I can feel myself slipping back into my fatigue and anxiety! Magnesium changed my life and I can’t see myself ever going without it again!!

Testimony of Kelly Stegen:

Testimony of Kelly Stegen

“So excited to receive my order from Magnesium Cafe mag 2.

This is an incredible product.

I would just like to confirm that the Mag2 is very effective, I’m so grateful for how much this is working for me.”

Testimony of Heleen van Wyk

Testimony of Heleen van Wyk

“I started using magnesium from Magnesium Cafe shortly before I started with boxing fitness training and the difference it made in my energy levels was extraordinary. Not only did it up my energy levels it also helped me achieve great endurance. At one stage I ran out of my magnesium supplement and I realised that I experienced severe muscle stiffness after training. As soon as I got myself their magnesium supplement again muscle stiffness was not bad at all and recovery time from training were less than half it use to be. I would recommend Magnesium Cafe’s product to anyone, any day

Testimony of Samantha de Vries:

Testimony of Samantha de Vries

“Lockdown, working from home + home-schooling getting you down boost your energy levels with Magnesium Café’s products. Magnesium Cafe is safe for the whole family to use. With lots of benefits my favourite about their product is the boosting of energy, immune & concentration levels for myself as well as for the kids!! Highly recommend.”

Testimony of Jackie Kraukamp:

Testimony of Jackie Kraukamp

“During 2019 I was feeling rather tired, more exhausted than anything. I thought it was the job I had started at the beginning of the year as it was quite demanding. Waking up in the morning I felt as if I haven’t slept a wink, yet I had a full 7 hours rest. I put the thought of something being wrong with me in the back of my head and just blamed my age, yet I was only 34. Then I got to a client who recommended Mag Cafe and said I should purchase these tablets. Out of desperation, I decided to give it a try. Honestly, without realizing it I was able to get up early do quite a bit of things other than work throughout the day even fit some exercise in. Then I ran out of tablets and was made aware it’s going to be produced in powder form. I was so disappointed when I spoke to Bernita but she assured me it’ll be just as effective. Due to the product still being produced and all the background things it took some time for me to receive it and at this time was not using anything. During this time emotionally, mentally and physically I could feel my body taking a knock. Once again waking up in the morning I was more tired than before I went to sleep. I had no energy to do anything and this affected my mood towards my immediate family in the house. By 7pm in the evening I’d have to be in bed as I’d be too tired. I received my products on Tuesday with much joy and so grateful to Bernita for going the extra mile. I started using it immediately, by Thursday I was doing some extra things in the evening, my husband even passed a remark to say I’m up so late. I was in bed by 9pm. Yet only fell asleep later, then my husband said you’ve got work in the morning. In the morning I was up at 6 am fresh as ever. Only as I drank my formula in the morning that I realized how much this adds value to my body. I would just like to confirm that the Mag2 is very effective, I’m so grateful for how much this is working for me.”

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