Client testimonials: muscle aches and cramps

Client testimonials muscle aches and cramps

Testimony of Jacqueline Annetts

When my youngest daughter was 6 months old I twisted and injured my knee whilst getting up from the carpet we were playing on. She is 4 today and I have been struggling with this knee for a very long time. Blue gel, capsicum gel, wraps, patches you name it I have used it with very little relief. When I started at MissFit boxing studio I really suffered pain, couldn’t do proper burpees, lunges, any exercise using my knee was just not happening. During lockdown I was still struggling with pain and blue gels. Burpee challenge was coming up and I thought oh my gosh I will never be able to do that. Mari introduced me to Mag 2 Powder. I read the reviews and thought lemme try, it can only do me good as other supplements just didn’t do enough.
Well well I started with 3 spoons a day, reduced it to 2 and I am not going to lie about anything, this stuff saved my knee (and my life)!!!! I have never in my life experienced something like this ever. I completed that burpee challenge with 0 days injured! Besides all the other benefits of Mag I fell in love with this product purely based on the fact that I have not suffered knee pain again (only when we go a bit bos with the frog jumps or squat jumps because I am Superwoman now right 🙂 ) If I do feel my knee is saying hello there after a box class, I just increase my dosage for a bit and just let the Mag do its thing.
I highly recommend this product, it has so many benefits. My joints love Mag 2.

Testimony of Lee Ann Dawson

“About 2 years ago I picked up a running injury that stopped me from competing (trail running) and training. As a physical instructor and running coach I couldn’t afford for my injury to keep me in a place of rehab. I started taking Mag 2 to see if something other than what I was doing would speed up my recovery and it worked. The most notable improvements were in my energy levels and lack of muscle fatigue after training, this had a knock on effect and I was soon back to competing, 6 months later I entered and won The Winter Trail Series in my age category ( veteran). I find that at my age of 49 when I would expect my performance to taper off I am running some of my best times and without a doubt Mag 2 has made that possible.”

Testimony of Rina van Rooyen:

Testimony of Rina van Rooyen

“I am an elderly of 73 years. A few years back I fell and broke my hip and had to get a hip replacement. Due to many years of long-lasting pain, depression, anxiety, cramps, joint and bone pain. I needed help. Benita introduced me to Mag2. I have been using it for 2 months now and the difference I feel is remarkable. The cramps are almost completely gone, the pain is much better and my mental well-being has never been this good. I don’t have words to express that this product has meant to me. I’d recommend this to anyone.”

Testimony of Anastacia Adams:

Testimony of Anastacia Adams

Since day one Magnesium Café never disappointed. These products have been very effective helping me through difficult training sessions and assisting my recovery. With Magnesium Café I definitely got my health back.”

Testimony of Aneleh Smith:

Testimony of Aneleh Smith

“After pregnancy, I had challenges with my legs aching. Whenever I sat for long periods at a time, getting up would be challenging and I would literally have to walk slowly just to get my legs to operate properly. I had low energy levels and I thought it’s probably just because I am breastfeeding and have sleep deprivation looking after a new-born. I started using Mag1 daily and within a week I felt a MAJOR difference in my body. My leg ache stopped and I had A LOT more energy! I would DEFINITELY recommend Magnesium Café to everyone.”

Testimonial of Marie Niemann:

Testimony of Marie Niemann

“My testimony is somewhat long but I’ll try to shorten it up a bit. Just over a year and a half ago, I’ve been through a terrible experience that damaged me both mentally and physically. My body did not function properly I was terribly underweight, my body was constantly aching, I was losing weight daily but couldn’t gain no matter what I did. I couldn’t sleep at night; I had no energy or strength in my body at all. I had regular blackouts and would find myself waking up on the floor. Mentally I was completely broken. I had almost reached the point of death, but Praise be to God I’m here today! It was around that time that I started taking Magnesium. It is something my mother forced down my throat every morning. It took me about a week after taking it to realize that I had not had a blackout since the first day I started taking it. I slept well every night, my energy levels started to rise, and I could get myself to start training every day. After a month I had started gaining weight and the life slowly started coming back into my body. I have gained over 10kg in the past year. Not only that but my mental health improved even faster than my physical body. This is a very short version of the major effect Magnesium has had on my health and overall well-being. I urge you today If you have any form of suffering with your health, physical or mental, or know of a loved one who is suffering, please get in touch with us! Your health DOES matter to us!”

Testimony of Tashwell Adams:

Testimony of Tashwell Adams

“To my amazement, it is absolutely true, #Mag2 takes away temporary muscle, bone and skin pain. It taste good, too.

Due to the overall feeling of wellbeing that I have witnessed since I started taking #Mag2 at 1-2 daily servings. I feel amazing every day, brimming with energy, being very productive and capable of doing a whole lot many more things than ever before.

Thank you Magnesium Cafe for creating such a wholesome product.”

Testimony of Heleen van Wyk

Testimony of Heleen van Wyk

“I started using magnesium from Magnesium Cafe shortly before I started with boxing fitness training and the difference it made in my energy levels was extraordinary. Not only did it up my energy levels it also helped me achieve great endurance. At one stage I ran out of my magnesium supplement and I realised that I experienced severe muscle stiffness after training. As soon as I got myself their magnesium supplement again muscle stiffness was not bad at all and recovery time from training were less than half it use to be. I would recommend Magnesium Cafe’s product to anyone, any day.”

Testimony of Johann Marais

“On the 2nd of April 2019 I was in a motorcycle accident. I broke T6 and T7 in my back, left paralyzed i had to pick myself up and carry on. In Sep 2019 I’ve started a extensive exercise program to keep myself strong and build upper body strength. Every morning i wake up with ‘body pain’. I did not have any energy and some mornings i really struggled to get things done. After Heinrich Gabler mentioned he is taking magnesium daily, he put me in contact with Benita from Magnesium Cafe. I’ve decided to give it a go. I have been using this product now for almost 2 months and i don’t know how i survived without it. I have more energy during the day. My back pain is better and i don’t have that long much muscle cramps anymore. I am so thankful for Benita, changing my life with this product. I will recommend this to be part of your daily routine to make sure you take your magnesium daily.”

Testimonial of Andrea

“I used to be an avid runner and mountain goat and after a long break I tried for years to get back into training but I always crashed after about 14 days or so and experienced major headaches, body pains and extreme fatigue. I was devastated to be finally be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it meant I had to give up what I so loved.
When I came across Magnesium cafe I was skeptical, having tried many things that could supposedly help with the constant overwhelming pain all over my body and sharp flare ups.
The result wasn’t instant but over the past 5 months of taking it daily I have realized that I have not had a flare up. My energy levels have I creased and my sleep is more rejuvenating. I started walking in the mountain again. I now find myself trying to run every so often for a few meters and have not experienced any of the side effects or crashing in the days to follow.
My Fibro is not cured but I am able to do so much more without fear of total fatigue, debilitating skinpain or violent flare ups.
I believe Mag 2 was/is the catalyst that helps my body rebuild a healthy balance and maintain better during times of physical stress and the normal life stresses that were too overwhelming before.
Thank You Magnesium Cafe.”

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